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Long-Form Video Editing & Graphic Design

YouTube Video Editing (Talking Head)

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Long-Form Video Editing & Graphic Design & Scripting


2 years

In this project, we partnered with a CEO committed to empowering Muslim entrepreneurs through innovative business education. Together, we embarked on a transformative project focused on creating engaging long-form video content tailored to their niche industry.

We provided comprehensive support throughout the content creation process, including strategic video editing to craft captivating long-form content. This involved incorporating engaging hooks and seamless transitions to captivate viewers. Additionally, we collaborated closely with the client to ideate and script compelling content that resonated with their audience. Leveraging our expertise in YouTube optimization, we ensured maximum visibility by uploading and optimizing each video for enhanced discoverability.

Thumbnail Design:

Along with with video production, we designed visually captivating thumbnails that served as eye-catching representations of the video content, strategically incorporating attention-grabbing imagery, engaging titles, and brand elements to encourage viewers and maximize click-through rates.

To measure the impact of our efforts, we implemented an analytics framework, tracking key metrics on a monthly basis. 

By analyzing performance data and conducting regular optimizations, we continually refined our approach to maximize viewer engagement and drive tangible results. 

Detailed reports provided transparent insights and actionable recommendations for future content strategies, empowering our client to make informed decisions and achieve sustained success in their digital marketing efforts.

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